#MissingPresumedDead in The Sentinel

“Women can zip their lips, but when they open their minds and pen, they speak more than just words. They pen down heart, mind, soul and lives – real lives. Here are a few women writers, who have made a difference in 2018 and created gyres in the literary world, and the world (as a whole). Here are some of them….

Popular Indian author and blogger Kiran Manral’s “Missing Presumed Dead is a riveting spine-chilling whodunit, which has a mentally unhinged protagonist and other undependable and untrustworthy characters. The plot has unexpected twists and turns that brings us face to face with the brittleness of relationships. Her first novel, “The Reluctant Detective” and “Karmic Kids” have become popular. Kiran is also the founder of India Helps, a network of volunteers who assist disaster victims.”

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