The Face At The Window (and its author) in Delhi.

Just back from a lovely few days in Delhi for the promotions of The Face At The Window. The first day was a whirl of book store visits and signings.


The second day, Saturday, had a book reading and discussion at Vintage 31, Meherchand Market, organised by Delhi Book Lovers, which saw a fabulous turnout of friends, family and readers. Thank you, everyone who came for the event, and thank you Vimi of Vintage for the gracious hospitality and Kunal, of Delhi Book Lovers for putting the event together.

Here are some pictures from the event.


With the very wonderful Rashmi Menon of Amaryllis, who saw this book through with immense passion and belief in it, and Kunal Gupta of Delhi Book Lovers.



And with Vimi Singh, the owner of Vintage 31, which is perhaps the most charming cafe I’ve seen.

Spooky stories were discussed, as well as characterisation and the process of writing.

Now to see where Mrs McNally and her ghost take me next!

“Kiran Manral is an absolutely fabulous author- and she has proved herself with this book.”

A review on The Book Reporter by Upasana Luthra Mahtani.


“Kiran Manral is an absolutely fabulous author- and she has proved herself with this book.. an entirely different genre. If you
are one of those that finds reading scary books at night a sleep deterrent – please read this during the day ! But read it you must.
Kiran weaves a beautiful story , with gripping , eerie and haunting scenes.
She blends the macabre with the mundane and the end result is a book that grips you with it’s story line.
Thrilled to bits with this one !!”

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Reading from The Face At The Window at Just Books Nerul..

I read from The Face at the Window at Just Books, Nerul on Saturday evening. It was a small audience, but an engrossed, interactive and bookish group with whom the conversation veered off into varying interesting tangents and returned to the book. Some of the audience had read my earlier books, The Reluctant Detective and All Aboard, and some  had been followers of my blog Karmic Kids, so that brought so much more to the discussion.

And while reading from The Face at the Window, at one point, my arms went goosefleshy, a chill breath on the back of my neck, Mrs McNally’s story continues to haunt me.

“…this book confounded me by not showing me its hand at any stage…”


This review is from: The Face at the Window (Paperback)
Writing about the latest Manral is writing about a friend having a baby. There is the Getting Thrilled and Clicking As Many Images As You Can, there is the Making Polite Noises And Assuring Them That S/He Will Grow Out That Unfortunate Nose, and then there is the Oh This Child Is Mine You Can Have Another One.
The latest from the Manral stable is THAT one. THE FACE AT THE WINDOW is delicious, and creepy, and nostalgic and crisp and..oh the adjectives defy me. Though it is very different from her earlier work but it is as much fun as we expect from her stable. THE FACE AT THE WINDOW defies you from the first page, and as someone who claims to ‘know her voice’ and reads her very self assured k picturo ki tarah end take sab kuch theek Happy Endings type, this book confounded me by not showing me its hand at any stage. How Could That Be, I asked myself. Surely, we can tell the plot having read the creepy, crawly things that go bump in the night genre for so long. Well that’s what a true master does, and Kiran Manral has aced the game.
Now what will Kiran Manral do next?

The Face At the Window at APB Cookstudio yesterday

A fabulous afternoon yesterday at Rushina Munshaw Ghildiyal‘s Apb Cook Studio for the first reading of The Face At The Window with the mommies of Ritu G‘s Jamm’s – Journey about Mast Moms mommy group. Thank you Rushina M. Ghildiyal for the lovely afternoon, the demonstration on Anglo Indian cuisine and the thought and care that went into this. Thank you Ritu G, for the support.  Thanks Nilima Mohite for the pictures.

Amazon reviews for #TheFaceAtTheWindow “By far her best.”

Reviews on Amazon for The Face At The Window

Verified Purchase

If you like your stories spooky, with lots of atmosphere and mood and thick with suspense then The Face at The Window is the book for you. It features an old lady haunted not only by her past and its secrets but also a resident ghost that is intent on impressing it’s maleovelent presence on her.
Manral takes her time to unfold the story with confidence and rich detail. She clearly enjoyed telling this story with its heartbreaking yet masterful suspense.
Read it. Be spooked.
By Kanchana Banerjee on 5 April 2016
Verified Purchase

I have read all of Kiran Manral’s books and this is by far her best. she takes time in etching out the characters, their background, their fears and angst so beautifully. I really enjoyed the slow build up of the tension in the book. be ready to jump out of your skin!!

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“..Culminating to a finish that leaves the reader full of thoughts..” #TheFaceAtTheWindow

A review on Riti Prasad Kaunteya’s blog.

“Kiran holds the threads to many characters in the book, letting them entwine with each other in many ways than one, and leaves them rather freely to develop until a gentle tug from her pulls them back in line with her thoughts, culminating to a finish that leaves the reader full of thoughts and ideas.

I found myself working out a picture in my mind to help me sort my thoughts in a manner that helped me solve the riddle that Kiran was building and I realised that cold, hard logic does not always form the backbone of the story. It is the several layers of emotions – rational and irrational that helps create a character and one never knows which rears its significant head to be the most influential in the way the character behaves. ”

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