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Thanks for the kind words Archana Sarat.

A Conversation with Kiran Manral

Kiran Manral is a renowned Indian author, TEDx Speaker, columnist, mentor and feminist. She has written books across genres in both fiction and nonfiction.

 One thing that you cannot miss when you meet Kiran Manral is her warmth and humility. The literary world is filled with people who claim to be much more than what they are, but Kiran is one of the few persons I’ve met who are silent about their accomplishments though they have so much they could brag about. When I read ‘The Face at the Window’ last month, I was blown away; the beauty and lucidity of language that she exhibited could only come from the calm confidence of someone who has absolute power over the language. How did she become a wordsmith? I decided to ask her…


1) What would be one thing you wish you could undo in your writing career?

Nothing actually. Everything has happened when it did for a purpose. And I’m glad it did.


2) The first thing that struck me when I read ‘The Face at the Window’ was the beauty of your language. It was evident that it was penned by someone with a love for words. So, when did that develop? Did you take any conscious efforts in becoming a wordsmith?

The only thing is the love of reading. One reads and one loves language.

Read the rest of the interview here


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