And the first review for #SavingMaya comes in

Thanks Inderpreet Uppal for the kind words.

Marvelous Maya #SavingMaya @KiranManral

Saving Maya

She is handling her son, the thankless ex-husband and the co-workers who are constantly looking for Maya to falter. On top of it all, she has a brooding, handsome neighbour who is idolized by the kids and her son.

This is a wonderful, sweet and practical love story of how Maya finds her second chance at love.1 She traverses the path of finding herself once again, finding her inner diva, winning at work and finding the right guy.

If you are a lover of romances, this one has some fine moments. The interaction between Maya and her best friend made me miss my best friend and our chats. Her mother, the formidable mom who is no-nonsense, gives Maya a tough time but that’s what mom’s do. Kiran has etched such realistic characters that I want to read more such romances by Kiran. All Aboard was another romance that I enjoyed and she has dabbled in many genres doing excellent work in them.

#SavingMaya is a fast, fun read and trust me, Maya doesn’t need saving, she is just saving her best for the right one 😉

Read the original review here


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