A writing workshop with Avid Learning and Juggernaut in Feb.



“There is something delicious about writing the first words of a story. You never quite know where they’ll take you.” -Beatrix Potter. Have you ever struggled with finding the suitable voice with which to tell your story? Do you have an investigative style, a romantic streak or an intellectual bent? Have you always wished for a sneak peek into the mind and thought the process of an author you admire? Avid Learning in partnership with Juggernaut Books presents a brand new and exciting monthly writing workshop series to help bring the inner author out in you. Lead by some of the most well-regarded authors and experts these interactive one-day workshops will explore and demystify every aspect, technique and convention of writing for and publishing in popular genres. This unique collaboration will allow fans and students to experience the other side of literature- and try their hand at writing themselves. Through this distinct alliance with Juggernaut Books, we aim to give our audience a comprehensive look at the literary world- from reading to writing to publishing, and everything in between. This series will highlight the how-to’s behind every genre, the lessons behind honing your literary skills, how to critique and appreciate different forms of writing, the art behind finding your literary voice and a distinctive and rare insight into the inner recesses of literature. First, in the series, we will have Author, Journalist and Columnist, Bachi Karkaria who will school participants on writing non-fiction. This will be followed by our second workshop on writing across different platforms with Author and Blogger, Kiran Manral in February 2018, and then Publishing 101 with Book Publisher and Founder of Juggernaut Books, Chiki Sarkar in March 2018.Come join us as we explore every avenue of writing and hone the author in you.Look forward to seeing you and your guests there! Please RSVP at felita.braganza@essarservices.co.in



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