The Married Feminist this week: What We Women Really Need in a Marriage is a Wife!

All the married ladies in the house, I have a simple question for you. In your marriage, who is the one in-charge of maintaining a social life, keeping up social interaction with friends and family and making sure birthdays are remembered, festive greetings are dispensed and keeping track of the developments of the lives of near and dear. Ah, now that we are clear that the ladies are in a majority on this one, it might as well be an acknowledged fact that women are the ones in a marriage who take on the bulk of the emotional labour.


We’re the ones saddled with the listening, caring, organising, coordinating, and all the drama that accompanies this job function. It must be so nice to sit with one’s feet up, and let the drama unfold around one and be completely detached from all of it.

While the male partner in a marriage (I write primarily from the heterosexual perspective of a marriage, for the simple reason that this is my personal experience), might be great at managing the kids in their extracurricular sporting activities, or helping with the groceries, etc, it is the little nitty-gritty that goes into managing the day-to-day that they seem glaringly oblivious too. The keeping in touch with family, remembering birthdays and anniversaries, all the coordination of pick up and drop, school PTAs, play dates and what have yours invariably is hefted onto the daily schedule of the wife. As a friend said wryly the other day, as she juggled between two children to be picked and dropped to different sporting activities and dinner to be made, groceries to be shopped for, and more, “What I really need is a wife.”

Read the rest here.


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