On CJP.org: Feminism and the Rights of the Indian HomemakerWithin the Home, Her Rights are a Work in Progress

25, Nov 2017 | Kiran Manral

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Feminism has had its own journey across the Indian subcontinent and touched different women differently. In this exclusive blog, author Kiran Manral examines the evolution of feminism and its impact on the Indian homemaker.


The feminist movement, a movement for the equality of genders in all aspects, is not new to India. In fact, the first phase of the feminist movement in our country began in the mid eighteenth century when voices began to speak out against the barbaric practice of Sati, followed by the initiation of women into the freedom movement, and interestingly, seeing the participation of women not just in the non violent movement but also in the combat positions with the Rani of Jhansi regiment in the Indian National Army. This was followed by the post independence movement, which sought to give women the right to equal wages for equal work, right to education, equal political rights, as well as the right to inheritance and property amongst others.

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