Bombaywaali by SheThePeople with Tisca Chopra and me

One of the more exciting new assignments I’ve taken up recently is Ideas Editor with SheThePeople, and anchoring the Bombaywaali series of conversations. The first edition I anchored was held on Thursday April 27th, at Title Waves in Bandra, Mumbai to a packed house, and my guest was the very warm, witty and eloquent Tisca Chopra.

Here’s what Tisca spoke about:

Making it big in Bollywood doesn’t come easy. At SheThePeople.TV’s Bombaywaali event, actress Tisca Chopra spoke about her journey into filmdom and shared several anecdotes, some shocking and some hilarious.

Growing up in Noida, Delhi, moving to Bombay was a culture shock for her. Right from finding a place to live to navigating the streets of the city, Bombay was an entirely new experience for her.

On her first break:

The story of how she got her first film is also tied to her experience of finding a place to live in the city. Her first landlady was very bizarre, she says. She and the other landladies were all connected and would get together and gossip about their tenants. Tisca hadn’t told her that she was auditioning to be an actress. It so happened that she went to audition for a director who was the son of someone the landlady knew. When Tisca came back from the audition, she found the door locked. She could see the landlady’s feet through the door chain, but she didn’t answer. That night, Tisca slept on the steps outside the house. The landlady had found out about the audition and was upset. She and Tisca had a face-off for many days, till the landlady fell sick. Her son didn’t care and she had nobody to take care of her, so Tisca stepped in. After she recovered, the landlady got the director (her friend’s son) to the apartment, and that’s how Tisca signed her first film.

Read more about the event here

And here are some pictures from the evening.


One thought on “Bombaywaali by SheThePeople with Tisca Chopra and me

  1. It’s so bad for artists, creative people, single ones and women in the city. Tisca was very courageous to share her story and it’s someone that I’d love to feature on the blog. It’s a rich and inspiring post, Kiran.


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