Storm in a C-Cup today: Of Alcohol and nooky

I can only come when I’m a few drinks down,” confessed a friend. “Otherwise, no go.” She isn’t alone. A lot of us women, and most men, think that a couple of drinks are the gateway to a woman’s unleashed libido. I grew up on Hindi movies that had women who imbibed the forbidden spirit morphing instantly into bacchanalians. But does alcohol really lead to those toe-curling, full body seismic wave-inducing orgasms we all hanker after? Or does it just, gently, catch hold of all the inhibitions that we hold ourselves back with and fling them out of the window until the high wears off and the hangover begins.

Alcohol, as you might know, is biphasic. It stimulates while it begins increasing its levels in the bloodstream and when levels begin falling, it is a depressant. For me, any alcohol consumed above two measures comes with standing instructions that I am not responsible for what I say or do, and should not be held against me in a court of law.

Read the entire article here


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