Storm in a C-Cup today: Bringing back the pillow talk

“Like most married couples who’ve passed their sell by date, the spouse and I have reached a comfortable bed time routine where we both pray that we fall off to sleep before the other does, so we aren’t inflicted with a sleepless night thanks to the other’s snoring.

Pillow talk, as you might guess, has long been dead and buried. Resuscitating it would need more than the kiss of life. Were we the only ones? Were other couples our age getting giggly and talking x-rated stuff with their long time spouses and partners while the dirtiest our pillow talk ever went was when we discussed bills and EMIs?

Do you talk dirty with your husband, I asked a friend, also in a marriage which recently crossed the two decade mark. She looked at me kindly. “The last dirty talk we had was when the kitchen drain clogged up on a weekend and there was no plumber. That was one hell of a filthy conversation.”

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One thought on “Storm in a C-Cup today: Bringing back the pillow talk

  1. Kiran! Amazing post. I think couples should bring back the pillow talk, making bedroom romance spicier to kill the boredom that creeps in, following years of marriage. It’s good to bring something new after years of marriage when couples are stuck into the routine of life.


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