“A hell of a story and it packs a punch…” Switcheroo reviewed by Inderpreet Uppal

This is of hell of a story and it packs a punch! It is a perfect short read with a good mix of spice and surprise. It is a story of a woman, Dimple Bhalla looking for herself, the eternal struggle of women to stop time, to keep their looks, their beauty and just be alluring forever. She is rich, beautiful and middle-aged, a perfect setting for some introspection.

In this story, the author has managed to keep the suspense of what has actually happened and keep the story moving smoothly as well. A few places drew chuckles from me due to the apt description of what we women do. Just pick it and read on the Juggernaut App, I am finding some good books there.

Another thing, the title of the story gets so clear after you have read the story and it is perfect!! Just say it slow and think in the typical way Mrs Bhalla would!! 😉

Kiran manages to have the writing and style like her previous book All Abroad – graceful. I found SWITCH-E-ROO by Kiran Manral to be the perfect story for a fast, uplifting mood change especially when short on time.


Read the original here


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