The Reading Corner reviews Switcheroo

Thanks Riti Prasad, for the kind words.

When exactly does the body age? When is the tipping point? The day that you notice your body has changed beyond recognition?
For Mrs Bhalla, a woman who is body-proud and maintains her body with the utmost respect, it comes as a shock when she realises that her body has been exchanged with someone else’s. As she sits across her therapist and explains her problem to her, perhaps also trying to understand what happened to her all of a sudden, her pain and fear is evident. She feels she has the lost the very essence of herself the day some one took away her body that she had maintained with a great deal of care.
The story gripped me right at the word go and at the same time reminded me of my fears of change and fear of what lies in store.
Kiran also perhaps modernises the age old concept of our body being just a vehicle for our immortal soul and irrespective Mrs Bhalla the protagonist represents what each mortal human feels- a feeling of attachment to the temporary and outwardly. So much so that her concept of self is determined by how her body looks like. She defines herself with what her husband feels for her body rather than her and in private even feels disgust for herself when her body changes.
And until the end perhaps her fears get reflected so much in the reader that  we hear  a sigh of relief towards the end from the reader.
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