The Face at the Window makes it to books of 2016 lists….

…and I’m terribly chuffed.

From the IANS best books round up for 2016.

“Meanwhile, for avid readers, there were books galore for a wide expanse of tastes and interests.

Among those that deserve mention would, in fiction, include Kiran Manral’s “The Face at the Window” giving the “Himalayan Gothic” genre a new life beyond the Raj’s ghosts…”

Read the article here

From The Ladies’ Finger list “50 of your Favourite Books of 2016 by Women Authors”

23. The Face at the Window by Kiran Manral


A cottage in the Himalayas and a dark secret set the tone for this horror story. A Face in the Window is about Mrs. McNally, a retired schoolteacher who lives alone in a remote hill station. Haunted by her past, she struggles between revealing the truth to her daughter and granddaughter and leaving things as they are. A dangerous presence lurking in the house adds to the eeriness. A novel about every kind of fear from the supernatural to that of loneliness, this comes highly recommended by several of our readers, with @rashmikmenon gushing that it is “an absolutely soul-satisfying read”.


Read the original here


Fellow author Nishant Kaushik’s list of five of his best reads for 2016 on the Juggernaut Books Blog.


The Face at the Window
Kiran Manral

Kiran Manral provides a vivid commentary of life in a quaint Indian hill station alongside deftly describing an ageing woman’s agony as she deals with the demons of her past.”

Read the original here.

Thank you Vikas Datta, Divya Vijayakumar and Nishant Kaushik, for the honour.



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