Storm in a C-Cup: Why we all could do with some self love

My column for DNA this week:

“In a more innocent age, we had a White Rabbit with a waistcoat and a pocket watch who went down a rabbit hole, compelling a young Alice to tumble down after him and enter a parallel universe of wonder and strange things like Mad Hatters, Grinning Cheshire Cats and the first kick-ass woman antagonist I ever met, the Red Queen.

But, in today’s Wonderland, a rabbit is not just a fluffy creature who can run over your home with infinite offspring if you have the bad judgement to host them in a pair. In fact, it is more likely to be a device with the power to make the earth move in under two minutes. For women who swear by it, it does away with the awkwardness, inconvenience and all the dim lights and soft music run-up to sex.

Before battery powered gizmos invaded our underwear drawers, women (and men) have down the aeons, been taking matters into their own hands, literally speaking. Accessories in this pursuit have ranged from fertile imagination, to a stack of forbidden magazines, to what we coyly called ‘blue films’, to the current trend of online sites which give you permutations and combinations that could overtake even the most fertile of imaginations.”

Read the rest here


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