Amazon reviews for #TheFaceAtTheWindow “By far her best.”

Reviews on Amazon for The Face At The Window

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If you like your stories spooky, with lots of atmosphere and mood and thick with suspense then The Face at The Window is the book for you. It features an old lady haunted not only by her past and its secrets but also a resident ghost that is intent on impressing it’s maleovelent presence on her.
Manral takes her time to unfold the story with confidence and rich detail. She clearly enjoyed telling this story with its heartbreaking yet masterful suspense.
Read it. Be spooked.
By Kanchana Banerjee on 5 April 2016
Verified Purchase

I have read all of Kiran Manral’s books and this is by far her best. she takes time in etching out the characters, their background, their fears and angst so beautifully. I really enjoyed the slow build up of the tension in the book. be ready to jump out of your skin!!

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