Karmic Kids review: Funny, loving, kind — keeping it real!

If you ever loved Kiran Manral’s old blog (long closed due to privacy reason) you’ll really enjoy this book. It’s a funny, poignant and surprisingly insightful memoir looking back into her son’s childhood from infancy onwards. More than her blog and yet with the best of her blogging, this book has much to teach a new parent. It is kind without being patronising; inspiring without preaching; loving in its solidarity. She chronicles her son’s little faults with as much affection and wry humour as she confesses her own. Reading her book took me back through the years when I would wring my hands in despair and yet get it together to somehow make it through another day. This book is all about making it through to the next day and then the next. Funny, loving, kind — that’s Kiran, and this book too. I recommend it very highly!

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