” a fresh, funny, endearing and a well-balanced book.” All Aboard

A review of All Aboard on Inderpreet Uppal’s blog.


After reading the book now I know why the title has an exclamation mark and it is very apt. Rhea Khanna and  Kamal Shahani are all in and how! More than they know!

Here is a romance that will find approval with lovers of love all over. It has all the elements for a perfect romance read. The strength of Kiran’s book lies with believable characters, loveable family and a cruise that each one of us would love to be a part of. On top of that she has added a bit of a suspense and crime; what more could you ask for. The story is fast paced and kept me glued to the book from the first chapter.

Kamal, the handsome, rich, cool and totally a family guy is what dreams of all young girls are made of. I was tempted too, so tempted 😉 Rhea is the proverbial bookworm, sweet, pretty and alluring. She finds herself falling for this very dashing guy weeks’ after a broken engagement; unsure, tempted and very charmed. Kiran has penned her in the image of scores of regular women we meet so often who are totally grounded. An ideal mix for a romantic rush.

The cruise is the perfect place to let go of our worries and introspect, a no pressure environment where the two meet yet the path of true love is never easy. To find love may be simple but to cherish it is not so much and this is what the story is about. Rhea and Kamal seem perfectly suited for each other but it is not all smooth sailing for them. John, with his charm and style, almost got the better of me; the author has managed to entwine the story with lots of distractions for dear Rhea.

The secondary characters; Rina Massi, Colonel Singh, Naina and the kids Jay and Kiara are all well etched and add depth to the book. As did the second love story – bonus!! 😀 Rina Massi is an absolutely cool lady, I loved her pizzazz and style, her love of life were contagious. A perfect companion for Rhea as well.

Naina and her kids add a bit of reality and family love to the equation. She is the perfect sister, friendly, supportive and looking out for her brother.  Sisters are like that, and she was the right person to keep the suspense going whether love will find its mark of not? I was so impressed with Naina that I would love for Kiran to write her story next. Call me a die-hard romantic but I think Naina definitely deserves a happily ever after of her own.

It was a hard to put down the book, the language effortless and smooth. The cruise with its beautiful destinations is a delight to read. I must appreciate Kiran for giving us a peek into the locations but not overpowering the narrative by making it into a travelogue. A cruise on my bucket list just shot up through the list! All Aboard is a fresh, funny, endearing and a well-balanced book. I eagerly look forward to reading more from Kiran.

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