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Predictably Unpredictable Romance

ALL ABOARD by Kiran Manral

It is an adventure the moment you step out of your fiction world to reality. Look at it as an adventure, a story you could tell when you get back to your senses. And so, this novel ‘ALL ABOARD’ takes you on this exotic Mediterranean cruise with Rhea after her obnoxious fiancé Samir dumps her unceremoniously leaving her with honeymoon reservations and trousseau.

➢ Damn his perfect features. The soft curls that made themselves evident if he skipped a haircut, and his pink lips that got petulant at the smallest thing. His way of carrying himself into any room with the confidence of knowing that he would be one of the best looking men there. Damn the women who looked at him when she was with him, making her wonder if she had turned invisible for a moment! May he rot in a hell where they had no cricket on television! She cursed him in her head—may crab lice invade his pubes, may his intestines be infected with a particularly virulent strain of antibiotic resistant flesh eating bacteria.

Some book titles are mysterious, some provocative, and some inexplicable but a few stories are true to their title and this novel is one of them. Everything with everyone happens aboard. Here Rhea brings out the sweetness, the hurt and the head-screwed-tightly-on-her-shoulders sensibility that is the pride of Indian middle class.

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