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The Face At The Window Info Sheet

Title:                The Face at the Window

Genre:             Fiction

Publisher:        Amaryllis Publishing House

Author:            Kiran Manral

Brilliant atmospherics, with everything unfolding urgent and languid all at once, and an ending that sates even as it chills.”

Shinie Antony, award winning writer & co-founder, Bangalore Literature Festival

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In the whole welter of romance, intimate secrets and heady cocktail of emotions,  experimenting with different genre of story- telling is always a refreshing and a welcome change. Journalist, columnist and author Kiran Manral has always believed in upping her game by brushing shoulders with various genres.

From The Reluctant Detective to Once Upon A Crush, All Aboard and Karmic Kids, here she surprises you with her next novel, The Face at the Window. It was during one of my blog interview that I recollect that Kiran shared with me last year what ‘The…

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