Do Your Homework

The offspring, like most offsprings do I suppose, changes his game plan for the future every couple of weeks. He’s been through liftman, postman, security guard and police man in the distant past when these jobs seemed of vital importance to him. In the recent past he has shifted his aspirations to astronaut (post Interstellar), dancer (post ABCD2) and spy.

An interesting encounter with a palmist had the prescient one tell him he would go abroad to study, and I rolled my eyes given that any studying that currently happens needs a stool and a whip to get done. But nonetheless, I realise that he is growing, college is but a few years away and further studies not so far away in the distant future that I can afford to twiddle my fingers and not be salting away surplus cash into the piggy bank to pay for his higher education, whatever he may choose to do. I’ve seen people around me break fixed assets, sell property and jewellery in order to fund their children’s higher education. I know that my mother did her very best to give me the best education she could, as a single parent with a limited income, and though times weren’t that expensive at that point, I did opt for a standard course of education knowing that there was no way she would be able to afford sending me abroad for higher education, even though I would have made the cut re admissions into a course of my choice.

It terrifies me at times to realise that the cost of higher education in these times is something that one needs to plan for, and if your child plans to study abroad, the amount you need to put aside is not something to be scoffed at.

Every time I now tell the child he needs to study, I am uncomfortably aware of the need to begin saving for his future studies. The moral authority with which I tell him to study gets negated when I don’t plan for the potential expense that his future education swings over my head like the proverbial Damocles sword.

If I tell him to “Do Your Homework,” I need to do mine too, in order to plan for his future, and to fulfil his aspirations. This means starting to save, and starting to plan what needs to invested. I think, as parents, we all have a responsibility to #DoYourHomework. After all our children’s aspirations depend upon it.



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