My column for iDiva this week: 10 New Year Resolutions you should be making

Every year, when December 31 rolls by, I tell myself, with the ennui that the passing of each year brings, that making New Year Resolutions is passé, and what do I really accomplish by them apart from the certainty that I would break them and was it really worth the ink on paper it took to put them down. This year was about the same. I decided to do away with making resolutions altogether, and then, when I sat down to contemplate on how the year had passed I realised what resolutions for the New Year really meant. They are the hope that the coming year would be better that the previous one, they signify a desire to take charge of ourselves and our circumstances and improve them, and most importantly, resolutions are always an indication of our realisation that we acknowledged what is troubling us about our lives right now. And this acknowledgement is always half the battle won.


Here, then, are 10 New Year Resolutions you should be making.



New Year Resolutions



1. Be judicious of the time you spend on social media. Sure it may seem like Wonderland out there, with so many followers hanging on for your every update, fascinating, famous people you can interact with, the heady euphoria of the pinging of likes on a single status update or a post on Instagram, the rough and tumble of a Twitter argument, the headiness of getting a reply from a celebrity, the joy of seeing a post on a blog go viral, but be aware that real life is out there, offline. You have one life, it is not meant to be lived out on instagram.


2. Get healthy. This doesn’t necessarily mean to lose weight or diet yourself down to what you think is your ideal size, but rather to get fit enough to be at your physical peak. Eat well, and healthy, be conscious about what you put into your body, be judicious about the things you abuse your body with-cigarettes, junk food, alcohol or worse. Know that you have one body to last you a lifetime, and what you feed it and how you treat it is how it will stand up through the long march of time. Work at getting fit, work out if you have to. You are in the prime of life right now, and your body should be at its peak fitness levels. Write down your health and fitness goals and work towards them over the year.

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