Namrata Sadhvani reviews Karmic Kids on

All through reading Karmic Kids, I had the hugest of grins on my face and broke into spontaneous laughter at so many intervals that my husband was quite worried. “The last time I saw you laugh so much was when you were watching that F.R.I.E.N.D.S rerun for the 1000th time. What’s gotten into you? Is it really the book that’s making you laugh or are you daydreaming about being Brad Pitt’s wife again?”

Because to me, that’s what the whole experience of reading Karmic Kids was- One Incredible Joyride.

It was just such a relief to understand that all moms go through that whole phase of feeling like “Mother Dairy” when have this HUGE responsibility of being responsible for another humans nutrition ( and in my case, two of them!).

All kids throw temper tantrums that could put “The Hulk” to shame and so did Kiran Manrals’ “BRAT” and yes, so did my kids and I’m sure yours did too! (C’mon, you can admit it. We’re all in the same boat here!)

When I read about her son’s obsession of “jakkid with jeans” in the third year of his life, I can’t help but compare it to my kids now when every SINGLE day they want to wear the T-shirts with the “bhows bhows’ on them. (To the uninitiated, bhow bhow could be any animal, or anything which even looks like an animal!) So much so that when I now go shopping for the boys I quite innocently ask the salesperson for “bhow bhow” T-shirts and am unable to understand why he can’t comprehend what I say!

I love the fact that this is not a preachy preachy parenting book, neither does it advise you on how to raise your child(ren). It’s just humorous anecdotes from a “chilled out moms” life in which she’s trying her level best to get her son to develop a mind of his own, and listen to her while he’s at it! I also love the fact that it’s so relevant to “today”- with references from Fifty Shades of Grey and Taare Zameen Par to The Exorcist and all Superheroes.

Ultimately, this book is a good laugh because EVERY mom will identify with it, and that I think is its biggest plus point. The language is very simple and truly what moms like me need to read to refresh themselves in those five minutes off we get from raising our kids.

I would recommend this book to every mom out there; it’s a great read and will definitely make you laugh at the absurdities which are all common to the sisterhood of motherhood.

Happy Reading everyone!

Read the original here.

Thanks Namrata for the lovely review, and so glad you enjoyed the book.


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