Karmic Kids review on The Reading Corner

If there is one parenting book that you need to read, let it be this because you do not need another one telling you how you are doing it all wrong. You need the view from the inside, that soul sister who believes in you and tells you that no matter what, in the end, everything will be OK. You need not be that mom who needs to excel in everything that she or her child does, need to take up every little activity and have an action packed day.

If you are that kind of parent you believes in time to do nothing, in having fun while parenting, in letting rules relax a time or two, then be happy, here is a book that tells you it is OK to do that.

The Parenting Journey
From the first day of the birth of her son to so far what she has learnt, Kiran Manral packs the book with anecdotes about her parenting, with pearls of wisdom and lots of insight on her parenting journey.
It begins with sleepless nights and just as one begins to lose hope then there comes the moment of crossover where the child is old enough to become independent leaving us with sad tears that the solid weight of a tiny body on one of the arms will be a thing of the past.

The book is not the run of the mill parenting book but an emotional journey which deals with the everyday concerns of parents which no one else can solve. It could be something as simple but as worrisome to us reader parents that the child is not willing to read or as mundane as what should a parent pack in tiffin boxes to ensure a healthy and wholesome meal.  Kiran shares her own experiences regarding these common concerns and renders the readers hopeful that one day, the child will learn to read.

There are personal opinions and life stories from various mothers who add dimension to the writing and truly proves that it takes a village to raise a child.

In her easy and light manner, Kiran introduces topics of parenting that we grapple with like talking about the birds and the bees and teaching children about good and bad touch and how easily the children interpret the same in a different manner, sometimes resulting us in heaving a sigh of relief that we have not permanently scarred the children in any manner by being too soon or too late in dealing with these scary  topics.

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