One nos parenting panel. Four moms. One dad. Infinite laughs.

litventure18Litventure and Mumbai Mom invited me to be part of their panel on Parenting by the Book to be held at Children’s Academy last Saturday. I promptly said yes, for multiple reasons. The first being that I had a parenting book (well not parenting advice, as I continue to insist but parenting anecdotes) out, and if you haven’t read it yet, well, you and I are no longer on talking terms. Seriously though, I have a book out on parenting, two dear friends were going to be on panel with me, the founder of Mumbai Mom, Nidhi D Bruce, I couldn’t say no to, and Children’s Academy was ten minutes from home, thankfully, compared to most events which happen a two hour drive away.

I was so glad I went. It was a packed auditorium with an enthusiastic audience, that thankfully laughed when I tried to be funny. We had a lovely discussion. And I came home with a smile, from a morning well spent. I realised that morning, that we need more such events this part of town, in distant suburbia, there is an audience willing and ready to attend, and hope to see more of such. Thank you Litventure, Mumbai Mom and Children’s Academy for inviting me.

Here are some pictures.


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