Karmic Kids on Tara Sharma Saluja’s blog

Congrats on #Karmic Kids @KiranManral! Here is an excerpt! One day I just may take the plunge and try and write a book too! Will be coming to you for tips:)

It’s been about 5 years since I began our show and writing this blog, that is at the crux of it.  Along the way I have interacted with and made many wonderful friends. Yes friends. I emphasize that as contrary to what one may think, feedback on our show and interactions on social media have not been with faceless viewers and readers, but most often with people who have gone on to become friends. We support each other in our endeavors, discuss stuff and often feature on each other’s platforms. @kiranmanral is one such friend. An author, former blogger, Mummy, social activist and loads more.

Kiran, it is a pleasure to host a guest blog from you, which is an excerpt from your wonderful new book, #Karmic Kids.

I have had a few discussions on perhaps writing a book, and I have to say as the daughter of an author, #PartapSharma and being from a family of authors and publishers, the thought of writing a book is daunting as in my eyes only Demi Gods actually write books!

So Kiran you took the plunge and have 4 books out, a huge achievement so a huge congrats! At this point as always I say each to their own, as I always do in our show. I say this as each one has their own story and views on parenting and everything for that matter, but sharing with each other and agreeing, disagreeing and perhaps laughing and learning together is what my show is all about. My experiences have similarities and differences to yours, and learning and reading of people’s experiences interests me and I hope will interest all you readers too…

So here goes an excerpt from Kiran’s Karmic Kids – the story of parenting nobody told you!

– See more at: http://tarasharmashow.com/post/131482596746/congrats-on-karmic-kids-kiranmanral-here-is-an#sthash.KdceFFzW.dpuf


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