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***Writer Mommy***
Book loving Mommas we have a Brand New feature called ‪#‎WriterMommy‬ and to kickstart this we have FMC Mommy and a dear friend Kiran Manral , who is out with her 4th book this month!!!
( Kiran has worked as a journalist with The Asian Age and The Times of India before she quit full time work to be a full time mommy smile emoticon One of the leading bloggers in India, her blogs were listed in Labnol’s list of India’s top blogs, and her parenting blog was ranked among the top five parenting blogs in India by Blogadda )
Here is a quick chat with her :

1. How did you begin writing?
I think I was always writing and always reading, ever since I was a child, I remember writing absolutely noxious stories about princesses and dragons and magic stuff that my mother seems to have saved in undisclosed location and will surely unearth at some point to embarrass the bejesus out of me someday. Professionally though, I began my career as a copywriter in an ad agency, went on into journalism and feature writing, and from there came the journey into blogging which led to the first book.
2. Give us a typical day in your life?
Morning is madness, as most moms know. I wake at 6am, get the tiffin boxes ready, the morning tea done, the little tasks of the morning domesticity settled, get the offspring spit polished and sent off to school. I leave for office after that, am at my desk from 8 am to 2.30 pm and then pick the son up from school and back home. It’s a pretty regular routine, one that revolves around school, tuition and class drops and picks.
3. What’s the best advice you’ve been given concerning writing and what would you like to tell aspiring bloggers/writers
I haven’t exactly been given any advice concerning writing, I bunged most of it off Stephen King from his wonderful book called On Writing which I heartily recommend to anyone considering writing a book. What I would like to add though is that you need to first be a reader before you dare to attempt being a writer. Unless you have the tools of your trade, which is the ability to work with words, writing will not come easily.
4. Tell us one thing that no one else knows about you?
I have zero life skills, I can’t swim, drive or cycle.
5. You are stranded on an island, which is that one book you would like to have with you?
Anything by P G Wodehouse. Perhaps the Jeeves Omnibus.
6. Tell us briefly about your latest book / books ?
My two latest books are All Aboard which is a lovely romance set on a Mediterranean cruise, published by Penguin and Karmic Kids published by Hay House, which is a take from my very popular blog of the same name, which is basically humorous anecdotes about bringing up my son from age 0 to 10. While All Aboard is more pure romance, Karmic Kids is a hilarious read. Both are quick, easy anytime reads. All my books can be ordered on Amazon here: goo.gl/oQQ5IF

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