Karmic Kids In Sakal Times, Pune

Kiran Manral talks about Karmic Kids
Reporters Name | Ambika Shaligram | Saturday, 17 October 2015 AT 10:02 PM IST
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Kiran Manral’s second book of this year Karmic Kids — The Story of Parenting Nobody Told You! is releasing soon. In an email interaction, she says that the non-fiction is a compilation of humorous parenting anecdotes posted on her now-defunct blog Karmickids.

Interesting title. Is your Karma passed on to your kids? Or vice-versa?

Both ways. I think children are part of a karmic debt one pays back to one’s parents. And through one’s kids, one resolves one’s own karma.

Is the book and the blog based on your interaction with your 12-year-old son?
Yes, the blog was based on his early years from zero to 10. I shut the blog when he turned 10. I think I have been very honest and straightforward in my blog posts about it being primarily anecdote driven and not a space where I offer any sort of parenting advice. I’ve stopped now because I think he’s old enough to post about himself if he chooses to do so.

How did your son react to the posts?
He knows vaguely that there was a blog on him, but hasn’t read the posts. He had become quite swollen headed in the sense that everyone seemed to know and adore him — even folks he met for the first time. Now that the blog has been stopped, that has thankfully died down.

How did you sift through anecdotes and what finally went into the book?
Actually, I did rework a lot of the content. It wasn’t a straight blog to book transfer because that rarely works. But I maintained the tone and voice of the blog. I read through the entire blog from the start, shortlisted the posts that I enjoyed writing and began from there.

If the book is chronological from zero to 10, then what were the issues or the feelings that were associated with each age group?
It is chronological in that the posts are about what happened in each year, but they might not be exactly chronological within that year in terms of occurrence.
The issues and feelings for each year as with all parenting, you travel the entire spectrum of emotions a million times in a single day — from joy and pride to anger and despair and so much more. Roughly though, each age comes with its own set of challenges — when they’re small it could be sleep, feeding, colic, and such. And, when they’re toddlers it could be food jags, tantrums, learning, curiosity and as they grow older, peer bonding, individuation and such.

Was the humorous tone deliberate?
Always. Life is too trying to not try and find a laugh in the midst of it all.

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