All Aboard in The Hindu Metroplus yesterday

Cruising through the pages

By Shruti Menon

On board Kiran at the launch of her book. Photo by Author

There is still a couple of minutes left for the book launch, but author Kiran Manral is a total livewire, surrounded by people, who either read her book and loved it or are waiting for a signed copy post the launch. She launched her fourth book at Atta Galatta last week — a holiday romance titled All Aboard.

Talking about the book before the launch, Kiran says: “This is the story of a young woman who is ditched at her wedding mandap, and she goes on a honeymoon on her own after this, which happens to be this cruise. It’s a typical holiday romance, it’s a fun and easy read. Yes, it is different from what I normally write, which is humour. This is primarily a romance with mere specks of humour, but I enjoyed writing it. It’s about love and second chances, and a feel good tale in general.”

At the launch Kiran is asked about her preparation for this novel. She jokes, “Oh, I’ve never been on a cruise before. So I went on virtual tours of just about every cruise liner. Trip Advisor saved my life. And I’ve never been in that situation either!”

The writing experience was a good one then? “It’s the best thing about being a writer, according to me,” declares Kiran. “You get to live your life vicariously through your characters, and their journeys. It doesn’t even have to be practical; it’s a shift in reality. And there will be parts of you or parts of people you know in them.”

When someone in the audience asked if the hero was based on her husband, Kiran good humouredly retorted, “I wish!”

The author is then asked what the best way to get over a heartbreak is. “Go on a cruise! Read my book!” she laughs adding, “In all seriousness, I’d advise people to work through it before getting into a relationship on the rebound. Let yourself heal physically and emotionally.”

The interactive session was followed by the book signing, and Kiran is busy again. Well, for those in favour of the romance genre, this book may be worth the read!

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