All Aboard in bookstores across the country

Few things give me as much pleasure as seeing my book on store shelves, so here’s a collection of some pictures of All Aboard on display across book stores in India. Forgive me this indulgence, it is my equivalent of the showcase filled with trophies and medals on display in the living room.

AllAboardBahriSonsentrance AllAboardbahrisonsGK1 AllAboardBahrisonsKhanMarket AllAboardCrosswordJuhu AllAboardCrosswordOberoiMall AllAboardDelhistoreFullcircle allaboarddisplay1 AllAboarddisplay2 Allaboarddisplay3 allaboarddisplay4 allaboarddisplay5 AllAboardInorbitCrossswordMalad AllAboardMumbaiAirport Allaboardsdisplay AllAboardT3Delhiairport AllAboardWHSmith 20150912_114123


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