Indie Eco Candles

Perhaps the most divine aromatherapy candles I’ve ever lit, and I don’t say this just because they kindly offered a goodie bag to my guests at the All Aboard Lunch.

indie indie1

Their candles are handcrafted with natural vegetable wax, an environmentally friendly resource. Natural wax candles, unlike regular candles, burn without emitting harmful toxins. They infuse the finest fragrance and essential oils into our luxury candles and our wicks are made of cotton.

Indie Eco Candles started in the summer of 2012 and has now grown into an all women organisation. We believe in the passionate women who work with us. We also believe that the success of the brand lies in the victories that we have made at the local level. We ensure convenient working hours, good pays and training programs for our ladies. We are deeply involved in enhancing the lives of our team and also provide essential mentoring for their children. We believe that educating and empowering them has made a huge difference to the choices that they make today.

They don’t use paraffin wax at all, and here’s why:

“With the mentality of the consumer world transitioning from ‘cheap’ products to quality and environmentally friendly products, people are beginning to question paraffin’s role in the candle industry. As a cost-effective alternative to natural ingredients, paraffin is a petroleum by-product used to make candles look shiny and appealing.

So, what is paraffin wax? In a nutshell, the product is derived from petroleum, which is one of the biggest environmental contributors of carbon dioxide. As a result, candles containing paraffin wax produce toxic petrol-soot that eventually stains interior surfaces and can trigger respiratory irritation due to the allergenic ingredients and poor indoor air quality. Using paraffin also passively encourages the discovery, collection, refinement, distribution and consumption of crude oil.

Pure paraffin is colourless, tasteless and odourless, and can cause nausea, vomiting and headaches if fumes or smoke from a candle containing paraffin wax are inhaled. Burning paraffin wax can even create benzene pollution, which can lead to lung cancer.”

Here’s where you can connect with them.

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