Book Review of All Aboard on The Urban Spice

” Kiran is a great story teller and till the end of the book she keeps holding reader’s attention. If you have read her past two books than you already know that about her.

There is no dramatic plot involved in All Aboard (buy it here), it is regular romantic fiction presented in a very gripping way. The female protagonist is Rhea Khanna, her tryst with a tall dark handsome hero whom she meet on a cruise while accompanying her Aunt who is retired headmistress.

How she feels the gush of love at the mere sight of Mr Hot and handsome, the obstacles they face from ex-flame and all those juicy details. In short all the right ingredients for a romantic fiction, which makes it an easy read for the times when you don’t want to apply your mind over some serious business read etc.

Reader’s Verdict: Great read for a lazy weekend, just don’t forget to put your feet up and keep a glass of chilled wine or whatever you fancy sipping along. Kiran’s third book, All Aboard, a romantic fiction, is now being released. You can order your copy here. ”

Read the original here


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