All Aboard on Writer’s Melon: Part 2

The art of etching charismatic characters in the book

If you can tell stories, create characters, devise incidents, and have sincerity and passion, it doesn’t matter a damn how you write.

– Somerset Maugham

I try to create sympathy for my characters, then turn the monsters loose.

– Stephen King

As we promised, we are back with Words of Wisdom from a very seasoned Author, Kiran Manral. For all who have been struggling with etching quirky characters in your books, here are some gritty tips from the lady who is all set to take us on a romantic ride with her third book. 

What makes an interesting character in a book, is it the quirkiness of the character, the uniqueness or is it that the character is someone the reader can relate to? The etching of a character is a very exciting process for a writer, because simply put, you get to play God. You can mold, out of nothing, a living breathing character to populate the pages of your book, to live out his or her life and to play a part, however important or unimportant in the telling of your story.Perhaps that is why they say be nice to an author, he or she can put you into a book and have nasty things happen to you.

Seriously though, creating a character for me is always a process that is fraught with much indecision because I agonize over the smallest things, how the character will look, dress, react, food choices, motivations, childhood, influences, reading habits, and every little thing that goes into making a person a person. The character has to be visible to me in my head, clear as a person I know in the real world. Often I cheat, I make a character from an amalgamation of various character traits of people I know in the real world, and that works well too. At others I sit down with a sheet of paper and make spirals of free brainstorming circuits about the character, background, character traits and when it falls together, there’s this Aha moment in my head, when I can see the character, warts and dimples and all in my mind.

And also she tells us about her favorite character in the latest book. 

In All Aboard, my favourite character without question is Rina Maasi, the feisty aunt of the protagonist. For more about her, you would have to read the book.

Read the original here.


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