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Blog Tour: Author Kiran Manral and her novel, All Aboard!

Kiran Manral is one of the most prolific Indian bloggers you will ever see. She runs many blogs and will diligently update each of them like clockwork. It is this dedication to her craft and her work ethic that first attracted me to her body of work. She became a published author when she turned 40 and has just kept going. She’s now on the road – virtual one, I mean – with her third book, All Aboard!, and here’s the author, Lady K herself, talking about her favourite creations. 

Kiran Manral's third book, All Aboard

In every book I write, the focus is definitely on the protagonist and her story. There’s Kay Mehra of The Reluctant Detective and her mad search for some purpose to her life. There’s Rayna De of Once Upon A Crush, terrified she’s going to miss the bus both professionally and personally and end up a complete failure in life. And now, in this, my latest book All Aboard, there’s Rhea Khanna who is trying to heal a broken heart.

But apart from the protagonist, there is always, always a character who is perhaps dearer to me than the protagonist is, and who is a story by herself, with a story which is perhaps more of a fist shake at the universe than the protagonist. In The Reluctant Detective it was Runa, the detective with the khukri in her backpack and her earth shaking bike. In Once Upon A Crush, it was Pixie, trying half heartedly to get away from an arranged marriage, knowing in her heart of hearts that she would cave in, go back and settle down as her parents decreed. In All Aboard, it is Rina Maasi, a feisty character in her own right.

Rina Maasi is a retired boarding school headmistress, deciding to live up the remainder of her years post retirement doing all that she wanted to do, including travel the world. She’s had an unconventional life, in fact, she’s a story that needs writing. She divorces the man her parents chose for her, with no reason offered other than a cryptic statement that he bored her. She moves out of the parental home, gets a job as a teacher in a boarding school and lavishes all her attention on her nieces and nephews. She’s fun, a little loud, a little eccentric and she’s the kind of aunt everyone has one of in their families or the aunt everyone should definitely have in their families.

As for Rina Maasi’s role in the book, well you would just have to read it to find out.

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