All Aboard Blogathon: A Q& A on Inderpreet Uppal’s blog Eloquent Articulation

ALL ABOARD with Kiran Manral

Today I have the honor to share space and share details about a woman who has set standards in everything she has done. A lady who makes it all look effortless with advice and insights that will force you to re-examine your motivation for writing. Shake you out of your slumber and ensure you never take your muse lightly. Enchantingly enthralling who, you would love to emulate……

I am ecstatic as I welcome Kiran Manral to Eloquent Articulation. She has left me speechless and awed with her nuggets of wisdom as she eloquently articulates her thoughts on her work, writing and her latest new book ALL ABOARD.

Q1. This is your third book, what is different about this one that sets it apart from the others? What inspired All Aboard?

All Aboard came about from a story I heard of a girl who went on her honeymoon with a friend after her fiancé ditched her. I thought that was absolutely wonderful a way to go about dealing with the inevitable pain she must have definitely been in. It took her away from the home ground, allowed her time and space to recoup, and in more practical terms did not let the tickets and bookings go waste. What sets it apart from my previous two? My previous two books have been located firmly in Mumbai, this one is set on a Mediterranean cruise, so that would be the most obvious differentiator. And also, this book is pure romance.

Q2. How do think this book All Aboard has helped you grow as a writer?

One of the primary criticisms I’ve had was regarding my writing being too long winded. Some of my sentences were guilty of going into paragraphs, I was guilty of throwing in esoteric references to mythology into the narrative which often threw the unwary reader off guard, and while I could be a trifle funny, I often overdid it. With this book, my editor at Penguin, Vaishali Mathur, was very clear that I would need to keep it simple and let the story flow. It was a wonderful learning experience and quite a challenge for me to write in a style that was simple, concise and yet communicated what I needed to.

Q3. Of all the hats you wear; writer, social activist, mommy blogger, adviser and an icon to follow which defies you the best?

I would say writer, because that is what underlines everything else I do. I no longer mommy blog or do any social activism. Adviser and icon, am far from being either. But writing is something I do every single day, and define myself by.

Q4. Clichéd but still; what is your advice to struggling writers who find it difficult to strike a balance between their love for writing and the daily grind putting up obstacles to their success?

There will always be something that is more urgent than what you need to write until you make writing something that is the most urgent thing that you need to do for the day. Everyone talks of discipline and putting butt to seat and churning out X number of words per day, which is all very true and important, but all I say is that unless you want to write more than anything else you want to do with your life, life will always intrude upon your writing. There will always be something more pressing, more trying that needs your time. The muse will be reluctant to drop by. You will not carve out the time to write. A lot also depends on your own internal self motivation. If you want to write you will. If you want to loll around watching television or click baiting through the world wide web you will. We all are given the same amount of time, what you choose to do with it is up to you. Also what do you define yourself as? Are you a person who writes on the side, or are you a writer who works a day job on the side? Your answer to that is the answer to how to strike a balance.

Q5. Can you give one line to describe your book, All Aboard?

Because everyone deserves a Happily Ever After, even after heartbreak.

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