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What’s a Woman Without Her BFFs What’s a Woman Without Her BFFs
Kiran Manral

Kiran Manral

Kiran was a journalist before she quit to be a full time mommy. Her blog is considered amongst India’s top blogs. She is the author of The Reluctant Detective (2012), Once Upon A Crush (2014) and All Aboard (2015). An advisor on the Board of Literature Studio, Delhi she is also an Author Mentor at She now blogs at and you can follow her on twitter @kiranmanral.

They’re in little groups on my Whatsapp. The 4 AM friends. The gang of mad caps always up for a hoot, cluttering my inbox with jokes that would have the more puritanical amongst us blanche to white. The ones who knew me from back when I was awkwardness personified in school uniform and soda-bottle spectacles. The professional women who are ever-willing to reach out with a helping hand. The school moms, who keep me posted on project deadlines and assignments. The wonderful, secure, witty ones I met online and who morphed into a sisterhood of the soul. They’re the women who hold me up and keep me going, through bad hair days, through fat days when I don’t fit into my fat jeans, through days where I question life and my purpose in it, excluding all you can eat buffets and 70 per cent sales. They’re my lifesavers. They are my girlfriends.

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