Of religion and frequency and how the twain met

This morning I was at poolside, handing the offspring his post swim snack of the boiled egg and milk. He had showered and changed into his school uniform and was still all tousled headed dampness from not having wiped his head dry properly.

We got into one of those casual discussions, ones we always do when there is time to be spent and eating is the only joy of the moment and somehow the topic went to religion. This was because Cruella de Ville Mamma would definitely choose a quiet and peaceful moment to do a recap of the studying he had done the previous evening, and what he had done the previous evening was a revision of the Medieval Age as in his history textbooks and of it, the teachings of Christ and Mohammed.

As is always, the topic digressed a bit. “So,” he asked, “what is different in the teachings of Christ and Mohammed?”

Given that I am born of two people belonging to these two religions, I am shamed to say I did not have an answer succint enough, except to wing it and tell him that the basic precept of all religions was basically the same and it involved being good, honest and hardworking and believing in a power that watched over us. He took a sip of his milk and stared thoughtfully at the pool, now dotted with the multicoloured caps of the next batch of swimmers.

“In India, we have many religions?” he asked.

“Yes, we do.”

“Why do we need so many religions?” he asked in reply.

“I guess each person has a different way of reaching out to God.”

He was thoughtful for a long moment all over again, then scarfed down his milk and wiped his mouth of the sleeve of his uniform before I could scour his face with the napkin I had handy in the bag.

“We don’t need so many religions. God is a frequency that exists inside us.”

I froze. I almost fell to the floor but feared for the damages they would slap me with for breaking the tiling.

“What did you say, son?”

“God is a frequency that exists inside us.”

“And what is a frequency?”

“Is like a radio channel, you can tune to whatever you like or want to listen to.”

Someone give me back my hell raising rapscallion. So much wisdom from a pintsized who was just recently a zygote has me really worried. Even if that wisdom comes from so much of them image quotes he scours for his instagram feed.


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