Yashodhara Lal on her latest book ‘There’s Something About You’….

Y, as I know her, or Yashodhara as the vast populace of the reading public knows her, like me, was part of the immensely supportive community of mommy bloggers way back when our kids were little and our angst was high. Along with Parul Sharma, we were three from Mumbai who blogged about our respective offspring and eventually, growing disenchanted with blogging, we in our own individual journeys moved on to writing books. This one, There’s Something About You, is Yashodhara’s third book and here’s what she has to say about it.
”I never intended to write this book as a love story, but it seems to have turned out that way. It’s not a typical love story anyway – Trish is 28, unemployed, single and highly, highly sarcastic. She’s convinced she doesn’t need anyone in her life and she’s fine the way she is. But then, she gets fired and suddenly finds herself in a lot of trouble given that she’s got two dependent parents and her father has Alzheimer’s. The story has quite a few twists and turns and complications which differentiate it from a regular romance – there are various issues touched upon including dealing with loss, guilt, the many layers of friendship, relationships at work and at home and of course, complications with finding love in urban India- it primarily follows the journey of self-discovery in a young woman’s own head. Sahil is a key character in the book and he’s interesting because he’s not just a tall, brown-eyed, sensitive boy, but he also has flashes of insight that give him special psychic powers. Kind of unusual, isn’t it? I loved writing this book, and I just hope it finds readers who’ll love it too! 
Three sample chapters are available for free on this landing page right here – http://www1.yashodharalal.com/some-thing-about-you/
My copy is here, and I plan to get to it this weekend. Go get yours.

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