An interview with me and the offspring on

A few days ago, the lovely Diipti Jhangiani, of Travel Diaries ( dropped in at home to chat with the son and me on the importance of sport in our lives. I was struck by two things, the first was her enthusiasm for, an initiative she’s begun to promote sport and fitness in India, and the second, actually a second and a third, her lovely mellifluous voice and beautiful eyes.

Here’s the podcast of the recording. What do you think, how can we encourage more sport and fitness in our everyday lives? I’m the most unsporty person ever, but I do make an effort to be moderately active. I worry for the next generation that is growing up as couch potatoes or being surgically attached to their gadgets. My son has a sport he is now passionate about. Thanks to him, I lead a much more active life than I did earlier. How do we bring the love for sports and fitness into the next generation? Would love to hear what you think in the comments section. Do listen in.


4 thoughts on “An interview with me and the offspring on

  1. Good to see that sports is finally seeming to gain some recognition and importance. About time too!!!! Only a sound body can house a sound mind. And we need the fitness and discipline sports brings in!


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