A Parent Quotient post from a couple of weeks ago-When your tween finally gets online

By a strange fluke of fate, a tab entered the home a couple of years after I had declared the home a no gadget zone and disposed of the iPad. The offspring took to it like the proverbial duck to water, squawking excitedly to add verisimilitude to the scene.  He was two years older now from the time he had been introduced and then surgically separated from the iPad. Surely that would also mean a trifle more responsible about his time, and there were always benefits to technology, I thought. He could download apps which would help him with studying, watch videos on competitive swimming that he trains for and not to mention videos on topics relevant to the syllabus he needed to study. He, obviously, had other plans. Before I could blink, he had downloaded WhatsApp and Instagram and was hard at work informing the world at large about his arrival into cyberspace. While I rushed to put privacy controls in place and learning his password by heart for supervising purposes, I wondered how, as a parent I could introduce him to the joys of online social networking but simultaneously ensure that he stays clear of the very real and tangible dangers of social networking.

Here are ten tips that could help you keep your kids safe online.

Read the rest of the post here


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