There is no substitute for practice.

As a parent, your journey is never that of yours alone. It is always thinking twice, as a wiser person than me once said, once for your own self and again for your child (or children as the case might be). I was recently approached by HP to do a short video with them on the principles I live by and what I try to pass on to my son.

It was something that resonated instantly, because, as a parent all one does is try to pass on what one has tried and tested as a never fail formula. It is a formula that I have arrived at after much trial and error and realised, contrary to my natural tendency towards sloth, that nothing comes easy. My motto has always been try and try again, practice, revise, do it over and over and over. There are no short cuts to  anything. He knows this through his swimming, he puts in hours and hours of intense practice every single day, he needs to learn this in his school work. This is something I try to teach the offspring and this is what I speak about in the short HP video.

Take a look.


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