My Parle G Post from last week: Sleeping on time


Sleeping on Time!

Posted by Kiran Manral


As your child grows and is challenged with the demands of increasing studies, extracurricular activities and socialising with his or her peers, you will find that the one thing that does get sacrificed at the altar of trying to fit it all in a single day, is sleep.

Children are staying awake later than they should be, and struggling to wake up in the mornings because they haven’t had their 9.25 mandated hours of sleep that is essential for their rest and growth.  Lack of adequate sleep can be detrimental in many ways, the obvious ones being inability to focus and concentrate at school the next day and by hindering repair and growth of the body. Sleep boosts the immune system, aids recovery and improves energy levels. Moreover, lack of sleep can lead to headaches, grumpiness, which in turn can lead to a negative fallout on social behaviour, moods and concentration.

But this new trend of falling asleep later at night and getting up late in the morning can be blamed completely on the change in the pre-adolescent brain which begins to secrete melatonin much later at night than they did when they were younger. Nonetheless, you can as a parent, try some winding down techniques to help your child to fall asleep earlier, so that he or she gets his or her complete quota of sleep? Here are some tips.

Read the rest of the post here.


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