My Parent Quotient post for this week. Getting a pet

Getting a pet. My Parle G Parent Quotient post this week.

The occasional whine in the household is that of getting a dog. Thankfully, this has replaced the incessant whine of wanting a sibling, and this is something I can deal with.

I’ve realised that the offspring hasn’t really realised the actual nitty gritty involved in keeping a pet which means training and twice a day walks and taking care of the pet as one would take care of a baby.  I’ve so far stayed unswayed by the constant pleas of “Please please please, can I have a dog, I will take care of it, I will give it a bath and take it for a walk and give it food, please please, please.”

As any sensible parent knows, keeping a pet will never be the child’s responsibility but will ultimately be the parent’s responsibility. But I also know that there are pros to having a pet in the house

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