Glow With Dove

The other evening, the good people at Dove invited me to moderate a panel discussion for an event they were doing. The panelists included well-known dermatologist Aparna Santhanam, celebrated yoga guru Deepika Mehta and celebrity nutritionist Shonali Sabherwal, and the premise of the discussion was “Beauty begins with Care”, as a precursor to an experiment they conducted to show that beauty does not require elaborate rituals; that beauty, in fact, comes from the simplest acts of care.

It was a premise that sat well with me, given I am of the old school of thought that believes in minimal fancy stuff but stick to a stringent daily care routine of minimum fuss. I must clean and moisturise and use sun block every single day.  I must clean my face and moisturise face and limbs and feet before sleeping. I  must oil my hair overnight at least thrice a week. And that’s where I end. I visit the salon furtively, quick hurried visits primarily for hair cuts and defoliation. My last facial must have been when the dinosaurs roamed the earth, no seriously, the last I can remember is the day of the brat’s naming ceremony. He’s 11 now.

It was an interesting panel discussion, and here are some highlights.

From Dr Aparna Santhanam : Use a moisturising cleanser–soap or body wash in the shower so you don’t need to moisturise again. The first thing in the morning fill your mouth with water while you wash your face. Cleanse, tone, moisturise and apply sunscreen every single day even if you aren’t stepping out of the house. Be mindful of what you do, create certain daily rituals of care.

From Shonali Sabherwal : Eat right, be mindful (that wonderful word again) about what you eat. Stay hydrated, but don’t over do the water intake. Cut out the processed food, try to get as much colour from natural foods into your body. Brown rice, pumpkin, greens, nuts, you can’t get enough of these.

From Deepika Mehta : Start with your posture, stand straight, sit up straight. The right posture will automatically energise you. Be conscious of your breathing, do simple exercises in your chair that help you relax your body, five minutes of de stressing through the day can only help.

Some pictures from the evening.


And yes, what the experiment was all about here.


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