Of when the brat was on Mad Stuff With Rob

It all started the day I received a call from a kindly person from a music label asking me if I would kindly come onto a show which is quite the bee’s knees with kids keen on what one might call, the artistic instinct. Given that the only artistic instinct my offspring displays is limited to drawing the slogans of each individual WWE player or Pokemon, my first instinct was to demur gracefully. But then the offspring has always been one for “being in a shoot” given a number of his acquaintances have been so immortalized, and he has long gotten over the high of his debut appearance in a Tangerine Home Couture commercial we did a while ago, and I agreed. The show, as you might have guessed, is Mad Stuff With Rob, and the brat was chewing his nails down to the knuckle at the prospect of having to display his non existent artistic skills. “Should I practiss my drawing?” he asked me in hushed serious tone the previous night, hoping to rectify in a couple of hours, a lifetime of not taking putting crayon or pencil to paper in a serious bid to create a work of art. “I’d rather you practice your Math right now,” I replied, given that the final exam is doing the Damocles sword act over our combined heads. The next day, after school, we arrived at the appointed hour at the studio. Rob was hard at work in front of the camera for another episode featuring the interesting premise of converting rocks into Stone Age people. We stared on, from the shadows, fascinated at how his hands worked swiftly, to literally breathe life into a rock. I also had to perfect the art of clamping a hand on the brat’s mouth in order to get him to stay zipped when his natural inclination to declaim loud and clear took over, despite the “Silent” warning as we tiptoed in, given the shoot was on. Of course, when the shot was done and Rob came across for the “ShakeHand” I must confess, the offspring hid his starstruckness rather well, asking me on an aside when Rob went off to change for the next shot whether he could ask for an autograph. Then we were on. Let me not give away what we did on the show, but let it go on record that the brat didn’t protest the make up slapped on. And that he learnt a rather scary prank which would have unwary souls tucking themselves back into their skins after they’ve been at the receiving end of it. Here’s a still from the shoot. The episode will be out on the Youtube channel in April. rob YouTube: www.YouTube.com/MadStuffWithRob

Facebook: @MadStuffWithRob

Twitter: @MadMadRob

Instagram: @MadStuffWithRob


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