Mathematics-Fun, Fact and Fiction by Riti Prasad

Dearest friend Riti Prasad, popularly known as Itchingtowriteblogs in the mommy blogging circuit and mom to toofani twins, has written a book for children called Mathematics–Fun, Fact and Fiction. The book aims to present mathematical concepts to children in an easy to understand, story format using folks tales and stories to make them interesting.
A brief conversation with her about how the book came about:
Why did you write this book?
Learning never stops and that is the entire idea behind the book. I would like parents to use this book as a learning journey or discovery exercise wherein each time you read the book, you find a new angle or concept for it. For children in the age group 6-8 it would be more like a great story with some mathematical concepts. For older children it is more to do with the mathematical idea and problems at the end of the stories. Apart from that there is knowledge of new cities, their culture, or even something totally unrelated as the challenges of a rabbit farmer. The book sort of grows along with the children
What was the inspiration behind this book?
I enjoy cracking mathematical and logical problems and that is what inspired me. Add literature to it and it is a potent combination for someone who enjoys all the above subjects. The book was a sort of expression of my own interests in a tangible form and something which I hope other parents and children will enjoy as much as I enjoyed writing it.
What sort of research did you put into collecting the stories for the book?
I mostly used available material from the internet and delved deep into my memory for the stories that I had heard which had a mathematical connect.
I focused on collecting material from across the world ethnicity so that it would have an element of traveling the world through stories. For example the story about weighing the elephant is based in China and the Counting story is based in the Horn of Africa.
It would be fun for children to point out the countries and continents in a globe as they read so that each concept is etched in their mind like a picture.
You can order your copy of the book here.

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