Judy Balan on her latest book How to Stop Your Grown Up From Making Bad Decisions

Judy Balan has written two bestselling books, Two Fates and Sophie Says and is back with her latest offering, a book for young adults called How To Stop Your Grown Up From Making Bad Decisions.


Here’s a short Q & A with her about her book.


What made you choose YA as your genre for your next book?

It wasn’t a conscious decision, really. I don’t think in labels when I decide to write a book. I usually have ideas popping up in my head every few hours and I know that an idea is worth pursuing when it begins to seriously distract me from real life – in this case, I could hear Nina’s (my protagonist) voice very clearly in my head and I loved her. It just so happened that she was an eleven-year-old, so the YA bit happened by default.

What are the challenges of writing YA fiction, when compared with writing fiction for adults, were there specifics you had to keep in mind? And also, how difficult was it to write in the voice of a 11 year old?
Actually, I just wrote the way I would write for adults but less consciously, I suppose. In fact – and this might sound loola – I switched fonts from Times Roman to Chalkduster and suddenly, all the uptightness had gone and I was a tween all over again. And once I nailed Nina’s voice, the book just wrote itself.
What next from this series?
I’m currently working on the second book in the Nina The Philosopher series and umm, it’s a little past deadline (hope my editor isn’t reading this). In the second book, Nina is older, sassier and as usual, finds herself dealing with a whole bunch of incorrigible grownups, not to mention, oodles of ‘tweenache.’ And yes, fingers crossed for these two books to do well so it can become a full-fledged series. Having grown up on Blyton, the thought of having my own series is such a high.
Are you also working on other fiction for adults?
Yes, I have a couple of projects lined up in that department. Will get started on it once I’m done with the second Nina book. I’m trying something new, so mucho excited!

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