My Parent Quotient Post for the week: My Parenting resolutions for 2015

It was a good year to sit the offspring down and talk to him, very seriously, about the concept of New Year resolutions. Ah, you might say, from your cynical adult vantage point that New Year Resolutions are meant to be broken and children need not be indoctrinated with the need to make resolutions and bear the guilt of breaking them for the entire year, not just yet. But then, I am nothing if not a mom on a mission and we spoke, albeit briefly about the New Year and what resolutions might come.

I told him that my resolutions in the New Year included getting out more and meeting people, starting some sort of fitness routine and eating healthier. I also mentioned my resolutions would include spending more time offline than online, and cutting down on time spent on social media to the barest minimum. He listened with great interest. He promised to share his list with me soon. On the other hand, I also made a set of parenting resolutions that I must follow.

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