Dove launches a hair oil range

Oiling hair is coming back into fashion it would seem, after all the spin that we were given by some beauty product companies about it not being essential, etc, etc. Of course, we didn’t believe them and went right ahead dipping our heads into vats of oil every weekend and religiously washing it out and then slathering on the conditioner.

I must confess, I went through a phase of not oiling the hair meself. And yes, the hair has thankfully survived it, despite the mater tut tutting everytime she saw the state of the mane. It survived umpteen highlights, perming, ironing, blow drying and such like and it was only recently when I did a shoot, that the stylist on the shoot clucked over my breakaways and asked if I oiled my hair regularly. I curled up like the proverbial prawn in a wok and confessed I didn’t. She admonished me sternly and insisted I oil my hair at least twice a week and massage it in well. Its been a few weeks since I have begun that regime and I hope the hair will be, in the words of the good ad, stronger, sharper, etc for it.

Now I hear Dove has launched a hair oil range. I must confess I haven’t tried it yet, but I have a soft spot for Dove. I tend to use their products on a regular basis, so I do know that there is a level of quality I can expect from anything coming under this brand name.

Here is the information they’ve sent out. “Dove today launched ‘Dove Elixir’ – Dove’s very first range of precious hair oils with real ingredients; a blend that provides the power of overnight oiling in just 30 minutes.

Formulated to make oiling the mane a more convenient and nourishing experience, Dove Elixir is made with real ingredients like the blooming roses and oils of playful lavenders and wild hibiscus infused with almond, olive and argan oil respectively. Dove Elixir provides every woman the enriched experience of hair oiling – the age old practice in a modernized and convenient format.

The premium brand is launching three variants of Dove Elixir – Hair fall** Rescue: Almond Oil & Rose, Dryness Care: Olive Oil & lavender, and Daily Shine: Argan Oil & hibiscus – to meet the varied needs of Indian hair. Moreover, the packaging is also innovative with a stylish bottle and a pump for easy to pour and apply, complementing international standards and quality.”

What I like best is the 30 minute promise and the combinations of oil that promise to go beyond mere coconut oil which I’ve been using so far. I’ve been hearing wonderful things about Argan Oil, this might be my moment to try it out.


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